Not for Thee

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received that you wouldn’t give to anyone else? Why don’t you think it would apply to others?

The advice that many people give to me is to stop being silly and act like a man. I don’t know why they always think that I’m annoying. Even though they didn’t say it as a word but I could feel it through there attitudes towards me. When I’m just quiet because I not want to annoyed other, they’ll tell me that something is wrong with me. But when I’m joyful they also states the same.

I don’t really understand why they always think that I’m annoying. I know that sometimes I play “too much” but most of the time I just want my friend to enjoy and smile. When they’re sad and I want them to smile. I’m the one who are wrong again because they’ll say that it’s not a right time to play. But if they are happy and I played with them they’ll just act like I’ve ruin there days. So sometimes I think that I’m kinda outcast just like Hester in the Book of The Scarlet Letter. It’s like when I choose left I’m wrong. When I choose right I’m also wrong and I couldn’t understand why.

This advice wouldn’t work for others because I think that I’m the most annoying person that no one is annoyed as me. So the advice wouldn’t work because other people are just quiet and sitting with there groups while my group is just me. Hi there this is just some of my feelings only sometimes because most of it are exaggeration. And it includes some of my inner feelings I don’t know why I can’t stop expressing myself this way too! But anyway some people give advice because they care about me and they really want me to be changed. But some just act like they care but they just want to indirectly say that “hey you are real annoying guy” but they just wear a mask and said “hello Mr.Handsome can you lessen the volume?” some kind of that.


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